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Are you and your loved one compatible according to astrology?

Whether you have a new fling or are already inseparable with your loved one, most of us would love to know whether we are meant to be with our lover. Therefore, a test based on Zodiac signs could tell us whether our loved ones are our perfect match. But according to astrology, your Zodiac sign is not the only aspect that tells you something about your personality and love life. Everyone has a unique and personal birth chart: a chart based on zodiac signs, the position of planets, houses and aspects at the time you were born. This chart informs you about your personality and the way you handle relationships. A synastry report based on your birth chart could tell you whether you and your partner are a good fit. But how does this birth chart work? The following four elements determine your personal birth chart.


Zodiac signs


Astrology knows 12 Zodiac signs. Your Zodiac sign is based on the position of the moon at the time you were born. Some people say that this determines your personality. But how does it affect your love life? Having the exact same Zodiac sign as your loved one could work out great. However, it could also work as a mirror which can be frustrating. Thus, it differs per Zodiac sign whether having the same Zodiac sign is a good fit or not. Two stubborn bulls together in a relationship can be hard, but two lions together can be perfect. However, according to astrology, your zodiac sign is not the only aspect that determines your character and the way you handle relationships. 




Next to Zodiac signs, the way planets are linked to our Zodiac sign could tell us how we feel, how we can reach our full potential and what obstacles we might face. Every single planet tells us something different about our personality. For example, the moon is connected to our emotions, whereas Uranus is linked to our intuition. 




In addition to planets, astrology also knows houses. Houses work as follows: every house has a natural ruler. For example, the first house has a natural ruler, the ram. The second house has the bull, and so on. Besides houses having a natural ruler, every house is connected to a different aspect of our life. For instance, the 4th house stands for family and the 12th house for spirituality. This already provides a deeper insight into our personal character and how this affects our love life.




Lastly, aspects show how planets are related to each other in astrology. Whether planets are relatively far or close to each other tells us how the different aspects of our birth chart are connected to each other. Accordingly, this shows us how our different characteristics respond to each one.

If you are curious whether you and your loved one are compatible with each other, try our free astrology compatibility report.