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 Now let’s see how Sergio uses CLV to help him convert potential customers. Sergio realized that he could use his 1,250 Euro CLV to evaluate which of his marketing efforts are most effective in attracting new customers. Currently, his advertising budget is evenly divided among these three channels: billboards near the start-up company’s office, mobile advertising for company owners, and search engine marketing for business keywords and businessmen. To find out which is more suitable for him, Sergio calculated the CLV of each advertising channel. He first grouped current customers according to the channels through which they found the company. Then, he uses a reliable formula to calculate the CLV of each customer group, which then becomes the CLV of that marketing channel.

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Do you want to export your car abroad? Or are you already abroad? Register your car for export. Only then will the insurance obligations, MOT obligations and road tax stop.

What you need to know first

In the country where you import the vehicle, ask what documents you need there. Notice! Do not state the export registration number of your vehicle until you know what these documents are.

Have you lost your registration certificate? Then first apply for a new registration certificate. This is necessary for importing vehicles abroad. If the vehicle has been deregistered for export, you cannot apply for a new registration certificate.

Vehicles with European approval can usually be exported very easily. In this case, the vehicle must provide a Certificate of Conformity (CvO).

This is how it works

If your vehicle is still in the Netherlands, do the following:

Go to one of our inspection stations, our counter or a recognized export company (one near you and confirmed by us). You will find a recognized export company with an RDW location guide.

You bring:

Valid ID.

Registration card or registration certificate (Part 1B) with registration number and transfer certificate.

Are you the registered owner? In this case, when deregistering your vehicle at a checkpoint or counter, you may lose your registration code or proof of transfer.

License plate (if issued). If no license plate is issued, your vehicle can only be written off at a checkpoint or counter.

Is the vehicle registered with the company? Then bring a signed extract from the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 year).

Are you not an authorized signatory? Also bring a power of attorney from the authorized signatory.

Pay the fee.

We or the exporting company write off your vehicle in the vehicle registration register. From that moment on, the vehicle is no longer in the Dutch vehicle registration register.

You will receive from the employee:

Proof of Indemnity (Proof that registration has been discontinued).

Beveled registration certificate (registration certificate) or vehicle registration certificate (Part 1B).

Part II of the export paper registration certificate (export certificate). You will need this together with the registration card or vehicle registration certificate registered abroad.

Is your vehicle going to a country outside the EU or EFTA? Then go to customs for “export declaration”.

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