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Have your Dutch M-form completed during your immigration or emigration by this company near Nijmegen

Have you emigrated or immigrated this year and do you have to file a tax return in the Netherlands? Then you are required to do this with the M-form, a complicated form that cannot be completed digitally and is only available in Dutch. You fill this out completely on paper and then send it to the postal address of the tax authorities. If you could use extra support when completing the Dutch M-form, Witlox International Tax Advice from Oss, near Nijmegen, will be more than happy to assist you.

Receive personal help with your tax-related matters

For many people, tax management is a daunting task that they prefer to leave to a professional company. This way, they know for sure that all their details are filled out accurately. A professional can also check whether financial benefits are possible. Completing the Dutch M-form can also be a difficult job which a specialist near Nijmegen can support you with. Please note that the M-form only applies if you have not lived or worked in the Netherlands during a certain part of the year. If you have been working for a Dutch company or if you are staying abroad for more than one year, you can simply arrange your tax return online.

Request more information about the services of this company

Are you required to use the M-form? You can use this company’s service by downloading the questionnaire from its website and sending it to the its office by post. You are asked to provide a couple of personal details that enable an employee to fill out the form. In addition to completing this Dutch M-form near Nijmegen, this company can assist you with even more tax-related matters. Request more information about these services by reaching out to the company by phone. You can easily find the phone number on their website.