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How can anionic salts help to increase milk production in cows?

The experts over at Kimtec International have been developing feed supplements to increase milk production in cows. They have over 25 years of experience in this area, making them one of the leading companies in the field. Their research has proven the effect of the use of anionic salts as a feed additive to improve the calcium values of your dairy cows. The anionic salts can prevent calcium shortage after calving, thus decreasing the risk of milk fever and potential early death of your dairy cows. Kimtec International has developed KatAn®, one of their most popular product ranges.

More information about the use of KatAn®

KatAn® is a feed supplement that has been developed to reduce calcium shortage after calving. In other words, it is meant to increase the milk production in cows. These products are currently based on ammonium chloride, which is very effective, but also very unpalatable. Kimtec International’s developers came with a solution called Masktech. Masktech eliminates the taste of these salts, so it is more pleasant for your animals when added to their feed. By improving its taste, your dairy cows will not experience a diminished DMI. They barely taste the difference thanks to this state-of-the-art technique!

Call these experts to request a conversation about your needs

One of the biggest advantages of directly contacting Kimtec International if you want to increase milk production in cows, is that you have the possibility to request a standard or a bespoke solution. Together with one of their experts, you will review the possibilities. If one of their standard products adheres to all your wishes, you can buy these. If not, then you can explore the opportunities to create a bespoke feed additive. Would you like to know more? Schedule your appointment now! You can find the contact information on their website.