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Hull design made easy

Hull design certainly isn’t easy, you’re probably saying and you would be correct. Ship hull design is definitely not easy, but there is a tool out there that can certainly make it easier for you. You want software that can make 3D models and extract production data. The software from CADMATIC allows this. 

This software brings several advantages to the table. Below you’ll find a list and an explanation of what these advantages are.


Topological dependencies.

The hull structures are stored topologically. This means that making modifications can be quick and easy. Aside from that, it is possible to set up special dependencies so the ship can be controlled from a single location.


Ruled-based engineering

Items you make in this software are automatically sized according to the class rule. On top of that it is easy and fast to use. You’ll master this software in no time.


Production information

All production information from the 3D model is directly derived. This makes the information always up to date. You can visualize and simulate building strategies. On top of that, it enables users to define their own reports that are required by shipyards.


Try it out now

As you can see, this software brings many advantages and, on top of that, it has many add-ons to make your life easier. Explore the 2D/3D drafting tool or the eXchangers add-on.