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Need to refurbish your office?

Office refurbishment 


Have you just bought an office in Newcastle that is in need of refurbishment and fit out? Or does your current office beg for refurbishment? Refurbishing your office is a challenge that you can better leave to specialists.


Office refurbishement and fit out Newcastle


When refurbishing an office there is more needed than for a typical renovation of a house. You need to take specific office building regulations into account and make sure that people can work in a comfortable environment. A good working atmosphere will obviously enhance productivity and contribute to the branding of the organisation. And as an entrepreneur, you would like that the works themselves will be executed flawlessly so that you and your employees can stay focused on what really counts: the business. That is where you need a renovation partner that can refurbish your Newcastle office from A to Z.


Office refurbishment: choices and circumstances 


For the redesign and refurbishment of your office, you can go as far as you like. If you have sufficient budget and a bit of time, then you will probably choose for the thorough approach. In times of crisis you might rather opt for the smallest revamp with the greatest possible impact.


Tip: think before you start (as always). Or ask advice from your workplace consultant. He can give you a good idea of the work involved and the final result. This way your company can make a perfect assessment. Also take into account these factors: regulations, planning, (sub)contractors and their quotations, execution and follow-up, communication, warrantees and after-sales service, etc.


Office refurbishment in Newcastle with Amos Beech 


Running a business will keep you busy, so make sure you choose a reliable partner that give you and your company complete peace of mind. Amos Beech from Scotland has already done several interior design and office refurbishment and fit-out projects in Newcastle and are slowly but surely gaining ground in the North of England. 


During the refurbishment of your office you surely want to continue working. Tip: a workplace expert like Amos Beech takes work off your hands as much as possible and will guide you through the entire process, how big or small the project may be. We guarantee strict planning, fast delivery and within budget, so that your company continues to operate. Our project management team ensures that your project will be on track and we ensure that all refurbishment work will be carried out to the last detail. We will always have our own construction people on-site for a smooth cooperation between the various contractors. 


How do you get a cool office?


When renovating an office there is really no need to spend a lot of money. It is important to think about a number of things. We have listed some tips with which you can not only refurbish your office, but also make your employees perform better. For example, it is good to add art to the interior or nature themes. Installation of plants and air fresheners will also contribute to a good interior climate.



General tips:

    1. Set clear goals: do you want your revamped office to work for your employees, or are you trying to make the space more comfortable for customers? These factors should be discussed in advance, so you can put together a realistic budget. Make sure that everyone involved in the Newcastle office refurbishment programme has the same objective.


    1. Think long-term. You have identified your current objectives for the renovation, but what’s your long-term plan? Are the current objectives drawn up for a period of 5 years or more? And is your company prepared for a possible growth after completion of the office refurbishment?


    1. Timing. You will of course ensure that the refurbishment works are not scheduled in the busiest period of the year…Therefore carefull planning makes sense.


    1. Identify desires versus needs. It is tempting to let yourself go completely during the design process. Like super-de-luxurious office chairs or an over-the-top flat screens. However, it is important to stay focused during the interior design process and only spend money on things you really need.

Office Refurbishment Newcastle tips:

    • Invest in an air conditioning, accoustics and light, when you rededesign and organise your office fit-out Newcastle. The smell is very important. It’s a small cost but it can have a big impact. From a Japanese study of the Takasago Corporation, came forward that they have an influence on the accuracy of employees as well. 


    • Personalisze the space: research shows that 32 percent of employees are more productive when they can customise their own office, for example with small photos or plants.


    • Open plan work spaces: creating open plan office areas often produces more disadvantages than advantages. There is more chance on noise disturbance and the temperature is hard to regulate. 


    • Think of the outside: The outdoor air stimulates creativity, images embedded in the so-called Biophilic Interior Design have a similar effect. Make sure there is enough nature in the office. This includes plants, or offices located near a window, as well as large manifesstations on walls or filing cabinets like shown in the image above. Also employees who work in a good lit environment, have a better night’s sleep.

Did you know that:

    • employees are 32% more productive when they can personalise their office with little things like photo’s or plants


    • the average cost of office refurbishment is only £ 180 per square metre



    • Biophilia or nature in the office stimulates creativity


    • open plan offices will be noisy when accoustics are not taken into account


    • odour has an influence on the accuracy of the work, 54% of people make les mistakes whith a citrus smell and 33% with Jasmin.


The many benefits of an office refurbishment

    • Create a working atmosphere that suits the branding of your company


    • Impress customers and partners with a fresh look


    • Motivate your employees by providing all necessary facilities

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Looking forward to hearing from you!