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Putting the interests of your customer first

The customer journey or also your customer journey: there is already a lot to be found about it and many models have been devised for it. Nevertheless, it is important that you make those models your own, because every company and every customer of that company is different. The customer journey is, for the people who don’t know it so quickly, the journey of your (potential) customer from the orientation to after the purchase. Two ways to map the customer journey are the so-called customer journey mapping and UX research. But before we arrive at those two methods, let’s first look at the importance of the customer journey.


Why is the customer journey still so important? The answer is simple. Customers, but certainly also potential customers, come into contact with your brand at all different times and through different channels. These are also known as touchpoints in the marketing world. Of course you want all those contact moments to be experienced as positive. To a large extent you can influence this yourself by using the methods of the customer journey well.


UX Research

UX Research is therefore one of those methods. It’s actually a kind of research to understand how your customers interact with your product or service. The main purpose of this method is to find out what works with your product or service and what doesn’t. Ultimately, you can improve the product or service with this method for an even better customer experience. Creating a good user experience is paramount with this method, because there is always something to improve.



Customer journey mapping is a second method you can use. You are really going to visualize all the touchpoints here. What does the (potential) customer experience, where are the pain points? These are very valuable to improve your product or service, just like with UX Research. The biggest difference with the previous method is that with this method you also map out how the company will achieve the improvement.