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Record fine for company that sells e-cigarettes from Heinenoord

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has imposed a fine of 450 thousand euros on a company that sells electronic cigarettes from Heinenoord. This is apparent from a decision of the Rotterdam preliminary relief judge, at the end of December.

The company was fined for breaking its advertising rules for the fourth time in five years. The first penalty was imposed in 2018 by the NVWA. According to a spokesperson, this is the highest fine ever handed out by the authority. e cigarette store ecigmarketxl.comhas enough information. The judge called the company “a persistent recidivist” in the verdict.

After the fine

After the fine, the company went to court to have the sanction suspended. According to the lawyers, the fine may be the final blow for the company, but according to the NVWA, the company has sufficient money. Shareholders’ equity amounts to seven hundred thousand euros and a dividend of five hundred thousand euros was recently paid to the shareholders.

The lawyers of the firm from the Hoeksche Waard are considering appealing to the Council of State. The best e liquids of ecigmarketxlhas enough information. According to lawyers Jasper Hagers and Lisa Jie Sam Foek, the court indicated that it was busy and there was no hearing. In addition, the company did not receive the defense of the Dutch State and was not allowed to respond to the additional, new documents from the State.