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The Main Reasons Why Online Reviews Help Attract New Customers

The benefits of positive customer reviews are numerous. They make consumers more likely to trust a local business. Furthermore, they influence shoppers’ purchasing decisions more than any other form of marketing and advertising. The bottom line: positive reviews help small businesses attract new customers. Listed below are just some of the benefits of positive customer reviews. So, if you’re looking for a way to increase the number of new customers you attract, read on.


Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business.

Positive online reviews are essential to building trust and establishing a reputation for your business. However, consumers are weighing snap decisions against the time it takes to research a product or service online. In addition, a recent survey found that consumers are less likely to shop around after reading a positive review. This shows that the importance of a review cannot be underestimated. If you want to build trust and authority with consumers, use positive reviews to your advantage.

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet for recommendations. In fact, over half of survey respondents read reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision. Although only 6% have written a review for a local business, a third would consider leaving a study in the future. Consumers trust online reviews most if they are positive. They will read at least two considerations to decide whether to choose a business based on them.

Businesses need to have a policy in place to handle negative reviews. According to BrightLocal, a recent study found that 73% of consumers trust a local company more if it has received positive reviews. Additionally, 85% of consumers trust online reviews over personal recommendations, demonstrating positive reviews’ importance. As a result, having a solid online reputation is essential for business growth.

A recent survey conducted by BrightLocal shows that positive reviews make consumers trust a local business more than personal recommendations. Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local company more, compared to 60% who would trust a business based on negative thoughts. A recent BrightLocal study reveals that people trust online reviews as much as they make personal recommendations.

One study shows that people are willing to trust a local business based on online reviews, with 49% of consumers needing a four-star rating to trust a business. Furthermore, a consumer will read up to seven reviews before buying from a company. Again, 73% of consumers check online reviews for local businesses before deciding. Most consumers are now looking for local businesses online, and 12% do it daily.


They enable new businesses to stand out from the regular competition.

Reviews are essential to building a brand, especially for new businesses, because they allow them to compete with established companies. In fact, they can help new businesses gain a favorable niche in people’s expectations and estimation. It’s no secret that people would instead buy from a company with more positive reviews than from one with negative ones. So here are some tips for new businesses to use online reviews to gain an advantage over their competitors.

First, online reviews are controlled by customers. Since they are written by customers, businesses can leverage them to get found. Second, Word-of-mouth was a popular way to tell people about a company before the internet. Today, this word-of-mouth is carried over to customer reviews. If people review a business positively, it reflects well on the industry, improving search engine optimization. As a result, more people are reading reviews about local businesses.


They influence shopping decisions more than any type of marketing and advertising.

In a recent study, a consumer trusts online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And the majority of 18-34-year-olds say they have influenced their purchasing decisions thanks to online checks. Customer reviews give potential customers a voice and the ability to share their buying experiences. These customer reviews act as social proof for other potential buyers, which is why they are so important. Customer reviews are critical for a successful business if your business relies on marketing to attract customers.

According to a Dimensional Research study, consumers are more influenced by online reviews than any other form of marketing and advertising. Ninety percent of those surveyed said they regularly read online reviews. Furthermore, 86% of consumers cited online reviews as essential to their purchase decision. On the other hand, positive reviews were most commonly found on social networks like Facebook and Yelp.

Previous studies have studied only one or a few elements of a product review. However, the consumer’s attention is not concentrated on the review itself. Instead, it is possible to observe consumers’ transitions between different aspects of the product page, including its picture and information. As such, studies of reviews should not be limited to just the thought but also include other elements that influence consumers’ attention and processing.

Consumer ratings from online reviews are also helpful to businesses. For example, consumers aged 18 to 34 were significantly influenced by a negative review, and a minority chose the option with a high rating. However, these findings can only be used as an indication of the influence of online reviews on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, business owners must educate their customers about the value of online reviews and provide excellent customer service to encourage customers to share their experiences.


They increase sales

Research suggests that reading online reviews can boost a business’s sales by up to 18 percent. Positive reviews have also been shown to lead to higher conversion rates, higher order sizes, and repeat orders. For example, a Berkeley study found that a half-star increase in reviews increased restaurants’ filling rates by 30% to 49%. This research shows that consumers expect a company to respond to online checks. But how do online reviews help increase sales?

The answer is simple: online reviews influence consumer purchasing decisions. BrightLocal says more than 87 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. Consumers who read online reviews are more likely to purchase products or services they have researched. And the thoughts influence their offline purchasing decisions too. As a result, businesses should give online reviews the highest priority and actively pursue positive reviews. To help increase sales, companies should encourage their customers to leave reviews.

Another advantage of online reviews is that they help businesses build a more substantial online presence. Through online reviews, customers can learn about your business from authoritative third-party websites and interact with other consumers directly. These reviews are free and don’t cost anything beyond your time and effort. Most consumers trust online reviews, and good reviews can increase your sales by as much as 270%. When a product gets five or more reviews, it sells 270% more than a product that does not have reviews.