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This is why getting an IP broker is a good idea

Back in 2019, the RIPE NCC announced to us all that there was officially no more Internet Protocol version 4 addresses. Unfortunately, many big companies really need many IPv4 address space at their disposal. They would need it for things like running their websites or running their online stores. Because of how desperately many existing companies and organizations as well as the ones that have yet to exist need IPv4 addresses, the transfer market has emerged. The competitiveness and difficulty of this market makes it clear that if you want to enter it to either sell or buy IPv4, you need to know a few things.

The transfer market emerging from the shadows is not the only thing that came out of the scarcity and then the eventual exhaustion of Internet Protocol version 4. Because of the shortage of IPv4s the market has already existed for a while and demand for the ‘product’ was already established. Now that it has been totally exhausted, the demand has risen much more, and this led to the eventual rise of the price. Now, each year that passes the price for a single Internet Protocol version 4 address costs more. So, to be able to buy it in bulk can be an expensive process for the ones who demand it.
Businesses who aren’t that big and don’t have many funds for bulk buying IPv4 addresses will need to resort to finding decent deals. However, the parties who are selling the IPv4 addresses are getting quite the pretty penny for what they have. For whatever reason you have for entering this market, here is why getting an IP broker is a good idea.

Their network is extensive

To sell IPv4 addresses, you will obviously need to find people who want to buy it. It could be kind of hard and very sketchy posting online that you are selling IPv4 addresses, people might not believe you. And if they do you might not get your moneys worth. The other way around is also true, finding people who aren’t sketchy that are selling IPv4s so you can buy would be very hard without an IP broker. IP brokers are well established in this market, they have lists of people you can work with, and you won’t have to do the hard work of finding them.

Avoid risky business

Thanks to them being experts, IP brokers will know how to do a good background check to make extra sure the person they set you up with doesn’t get you into trouble. They will make sure you get the best deal and that you won’t end up with stolen money, a faulty IPv4, or worse.

Learn from a pro

This transfer market is difficult and time consuming business. But it is profitable. If you are in it to make money, then you will need to learn all you can. And who better to learn from than an IP broker.